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WLN  Barcelona

Specialists in water beds, luxury beds and beds for boats and hotels. Wide variety of premium mattresses.

Manufacturer of high quality mattresses, for a sublime rest. WLN Barcelona. The health of rest.

The rest, the personal comfort of our customers, the most innovative design, the use of the most exclusive and advanced technologies, the search and work with the best natural products and very precise processes in all the phases of the production of our rest systems. This is WLN Barcelona.

WLN Barcelona Waterbed


The most used system in Europe for its already known and studied advantages for a complete and healthy rest.

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WLN Barcelona Beds


In WLN Barcelona we know our objective: offer the best rest system with up to fifteen different ways to sleep.

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WLN Barcelona Boats

WLN Boats

We offer luxury beds with a perfect combination of durability and rest on boats.

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WLN Barcelona Sport

WLN Sport

We guarantee the rest you need to get the maximum performance and your body to recover.

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WLN Barcelona Yoga

WLN Yoga

Know the world of yoga and discover its benefits on a physical, mental and emotional level.

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