Beds WLN BArceloona
What makes us different

At WLN Barcelona we say that we can offer up to fifteen different ways to rest, because we’re all different and need different ways of sleeping and resting.

Its true, every body is different and needs a different structure of bed in order to rest in the best possible way.

It’s for this reason that, after detailed investigation, we’re able to combine our components to create these 15 different beds..

The combination of products and elements like wool, cotton, latex, etc., with carbon fiber, palm, liquid gel… in different layers and dimensions, allows us to offer sleep systems personalized according to the needs of each client.

Additionally, we offer our clients 30 days to try

 the bedb>, as well as 10 years of guarantee. We offer a great product, and we’re the only brand that offers its clients the M1 IGNIFUG standard in all of its beds, and we’re also the only brand that shows its clients the materials inside—we have nothing to hide..